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We love Search Engines

Search engines loves lots of updated copy. Sites that regularly add original, unique content are seen by Google and the like as important, and more useful to web users. That means, if you keep your website up to date, you will end up ranking higher in the search engines than a website whose copy doesn’t change, or hasn’t been updated lately.

It’s also worth considering that your content includes the keywords and phrases that you would like to be discovered online for.

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Content Writing

Even the most glittering content can become dull over time. The attention of internet readers is very short, you basically have a few seconds to take them and make them want to keep reading. Your website content may describe precisely what you do, but is it lively enough to hold the eyes of a reader and to keep them reading?

Copy needs to be concise and engaging, getting to the point soon, and providing the option for users to find out more. Words should be in bite sized sections, making it simple to scan and process the data with little effort. Text heavy sentences that aren’t broken up by pictures or bullet points are a real negative too!

Which channel to place your content

Marketing is one of the most vital aspects of any business and it is extra-important for small businesses because they have limited resources to popularize their venture.

One good option that is gaining popularity in recent years is alternative marketing. In simplest terms, alternative marketing is a direct form of communication between a customer and the company’s brand of products through a variety of media, both conventional and unconventional.

It encompasses originality and uniqueness using the latest technology like the Internet, mobile applications, interactive techniques and social media. This helps the company to build a personal and lasting relationship with its customers.


Why choose alternative marketing?

  • Since 2016 traditional marketing avenues such as television, radio and newspapers are becoming ineffective because of the sheer number of advertisements that viewers are bombarded with every day, it's important that small business owners look at alternative marketing as an option for their advertising.
  • Traditional marketing techniques may not help the business to reach out to the target audience because more and more customers are resorting to blogs, Internet and social media for their information. All these factors have necessitated the growth of this form of marketing that can help a small business owner to effectively reach out to the target audience within an affordable budget.



  • Understand your customers– Alternative marketing techniques start with market research. As an entrepreneur, it's important you understand your target audience and their expectations from your product or service.
  • One way to engage with them is through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as these sites are a platform to build personal relations with your customers. You can also request short surveys about your product online or in retail stores that are in the same line of business as you. This information is important to come up with the most effective marketing strategy to best attract customers for your products. One company that has done this very well is ACCL Ltd in London who have used Twitter and Facebook to promote their business. See ACCL on Facebook.
  • Word of mouth– Once you understand the expectations of your potential customers, its time to formulate your marketing strategies. One of the most successful methods is word of mouth. This helps your existing customers to spread the word about your product to potential customers. In fact, this is one of the strategies used by most small businesses to attract mass crowd during the initial phases. This is an inexpensive and yet powerful tool.
  • A 2019 McKinsey report states that more than 59% of sales in the small business segment happen through word of mouth. However, for this to happen, your existing customers should be satisfied with your product and customer service and this is something that you should work on the right from the beginning.


  • Buzz– Another technique is buzz. There are people out there who would love to talk about your product to everyone he or she knows and this is a great form of advertisement for your business. Seth Godin calls these people “sneezers” and they are the ones who talk about everything – from the funniest shows to the latest gadget to your product. They are “experts” in what they do and getting such people to notice your product can be an effective form of marketing.


  • Other alternative marketing techniques– Other forms of alternative marketing include message boards, chat rooms, flyers in the local stores and supermarkets, brochures and even printing messages on everyday staples such as milk cartons.


These are inexpensive and yet, an effective word to spread the word about your business to potential customers.