We are SEO specialists who provide consulting services and online solutions to companies and businesses who wish to improve their rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We love Search Engines

Search engines loves lots of updated copy. Sites that regularly add original, unique content are seen by Google and the like as important, and more useful to web users. That means, if you keep your website up to date, you will end up ranking higher in the search engines than a website whose copy doesn’t change, or hasn’t been updated lately.

It’s also worth considering that your content includes the keywords and phrases that you would like to be discovered online for.

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SEO Packages

Our Silver SEO Service Package is perfect for small businesses with a local focus who would like to increase qualified traffic to their website.

This package covers the full spectrum of search engine optimisation activity including optimising both the on-page elements and increasing the qualified traffic to your website.

Every one of our packages begins with a full SEO analysis of your business, your website and your competitors allowing us to fully tailor the SEO activity to suit the individual project.

We can also offer a consultancy package from our lead consultant. Check out our fees.

This package is ideal for targeting businesses locally with a B2C business mode

We also offer link building

Link building service should practice ethical link building. See our services.

Link building, if not done ethically can cost your website severely often penalizing and irrevocably burying your website, so that it is impossible to find it through search engines.

Therefore it is important that relevant and permanent links be created in order t for your site to achieve good rankings in major search engines. Link building is often the key facet to marketing because of its factual information and hence has to be written well. It has to be remembered that there are no shortcuts in a successful link building campaign. While link building may be a good option to internet marketing you need to have patience as nothing will come off in a day.

A key to ethical link building is by creating directories that is a list of business that people can use to find a service. The more varied the directory site, the better the ranking in the search engine. Another way of promoting your website could be by writing regular articles about the industry that you are in. These articles once approved are often read by industry researchers or content writers which will interest people in reading your article thus promoting your website. In order to achieve long term success it is important one maintains the ethics to link building.